Misty Forsberg

Piercing Artist
Scarification Artist

Body Piercing:

I became involved with body modification and piercing well before being old enough to pursue a career in this industry. This passion for learning finally paid off when in 2005 I was given the opportunity to apprentice at Southtown Tattoo and Body Piercing shortly after they opened. After becoming licensed as a body piercer, I sought out continuing education through every resource I could find, including classes through the Association of Professional Piercers at their annual conference from 2009 to the present. These classes, along with the help from individual piercers, has helped me to continually advance my knowledge not only with piercing technique, but also the history of this beautiful practice. Piercing has been a love of mine for over 10 years, and it's an ever changing art form.

Any body piercer who isn't actively working to stay up to date with piercing, is not going to be able to give you the experience you deserve. Any good piercer should be more than happy to show you a portfolio and answer questions about their education in piercing. Having a license doesn't qualify you as a quality piercer any more than having a driver's license makes you a great driver. Know who is piercing you, and their level of experience.

Probably the best advice I can give anyone seeking to get pierced would be to educate yourself about what you are wanting to have done, make sure you find a piercer who makes you comfortable, and never settle based on price. You are letting someone create an open wound on your body that will take anywhere from several weeks to several months to heal, saving $10 just isn't worth the risk.


Scarification has appealed to me since the first time I saw it. Something about the simplicity of the designs and the ritualistic feel of a scar compared to a tattoo has just always fascinated me. When I decided to branch out into offering scarification work, I spent over a year looking into it, researching, and working on myself to learn. I traveled to watch other practitioners, and learned as much as I could before ever attempting my first cutting. All the research and patience has paid off, and I am steadily building my portfolio and my clientele. Scarification is a big commitment to make, both in the permanence of the design and to the aftercare that is required. Because of this I require a consultation for anyone interested in having this done, and reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

My scarification work can be seen featured on both Scarwars and Modblog several times: Nautilus, Santa Muerta, Rose, Mehndi Flowers, Ouroboros, and many more.

(Misty is not currently piercing fulltime. She does scarification by appointment only.)